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The Importance of Inclusion: Why We Involve Hoarders in the Cleanup Process

At Bio-One, we often encounter questions about our approach to hoarding cleanup, particularly regarding estimates and involvement of the hoarder themselves. Our approach is centered on respect, trust, and a deep understanding of the psychological elements at play.

Understanding the Need for Trust

The most critical aspect of our work is building trust with the individual. Imagine someone making decisions about your possessions without your input; it would feel invasive and distressing. That's precisely why we insist on involving the hoarder directly in the decision-making process. Our first step is always to understand their needs, wants, pace, comfort level, and goals. This approach helps in making them feel in control, which is crucial for a successful cleanup.

Tailoring the Cleanup to Individual Needs

Without direct input from the hoarder, it's impossible to develop an accurate remediation plan. Every situation is unique, and understanding the specific needs and goals of the individual is paramount. This cannot be achieved without their active participation. Only by engaging with the hoarder can we determine the scope of work, the costs, and the resources needed, ensuring that the plan aligns with their comfort and readiness.

Encouraging Readiness and Open Conversations

Change can only happen when the individual is ready. For those who are not yet at that point, we recommend initiating open, empathetic conversations about their situation. Websites like offer resources to find therapists specialized in hoarding, which can be invaluable in bridging the gap between concern and action.

Our commitment at Bio-One is to respect each individual's journey and provide support that not only cleans but also heals. Each project is a step towards recovery, not just for the environment but for the person at its heart.

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