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What a Success! Bio-One of Colorado's Fundraiser for Special Olympics Colorado

IMG 2295
Matt and Krista with Bio-One of Colorado celebrating with Finn and Matt from Special Olympics Colorado and two raffle winners.

We are thrilled to share the fantastic news about our recent fundraiser event, hosted in collaboration with Living the Dream Brewing Co., in support of Special Olympics Colorado. The event was not just a gathering; it was a celebration of community, generosity, and the spirit of giving back. And now, we're excited to announce that, thanks to your incredible support, we've raised a total of $2,359 to date!

A Day to Remember

The fundraiser, held on a sunny afternoon at Living the Dream Brewery, was a heartwarming display of camaraderie and kindness. From 2:00 to 4:00 PM, the brewery was abuzz with laughter, conversation, and the clinking of glasses as people came together for a cause close to our hearts. For every beer sold, $1 was donated to Special Olympics Colorado, adding to the growing pool of funds raised for this amazing organization.

IMG 2266
Finn and Matt from Special Olympics Colorado sharing their joy as they draw the raffle numbers.

But the generosity didn't stop there. Our raffle, featuring prizes cumulatively valued at over $500, was a highlight of the event. Attendees eagerly purchased tickets, hoping to win one of the eight fabulous prizes, three of which were worth over $150 each. The excitement peaked at 4:00 PM when two surprise guests from Special Olympics Colorado, Fin and Matt, helped us pick the winning tickets. Their presence added a special touch to the event, reminding us all of the real heroes we were there to support.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who participated in the fundraiser. Whether you joined us at Living the Dream Brewery, purchased raffle tickets, or made an online donation, your generosity has made a significant impact. The funds raised will go a long way in supporting the athletes of Special Olympics Colorado, providing them with opportunities to showcase their talents and celebrate their achievements.

IMG 2336
Matt and Krista Gregg from Bio-One of Colorado enjoying a beer with Jayme from Living the Dream Brewing Co.

A special shoutout to Living the Dream Brewery for being such fantastic hosts and partners in this endeavor. Their contribution and hospitality played a crucial role in the success of the event.

Looking Ahead: The Polar Plunge

The excitement doesn't end here! In celebration of surpassing our fundraising goal, our team at Bio-One of Colorado is gearing up for the Special Olympics Polar Plunge on April 6. Yes, you read that right! We'll be taking the plunge in our biohazard suits at the Aurora Reservoir. It's our way of showing our unwavering support for Special Olympics Colorado and the incredible athletes who inspire us every day.

Bio One of Colorado KG MG 2
Matt and Krista Gregg, Bio-One of Colorado, wearing biohazard suits.

Stay tuned for updates and photos from the Polar Plunge. We can't wait to share this adventurous and meaningful experience with you all.

Continuing the Support

The fundraiser may be over, but our support for Special Olympics Colorado continues. If you couldn't attend the event but still wish to contribute, it's not too late! You can make a donation online at Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference in the lives of these remarkable athletes.

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We're thrilled to share an exciting event that combines our love for community, craft beer, and a great cause. Bio-One of Colorado is partnering with Living the Dream Brewery to host a fundraiser supporting Special Olympics Colorado. It's an opportunity to come together, enjoy some fantastic brews, and make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Bio One of Colorado and Living the Dream Brewery

Date: Saturday, March 30, 2024
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Location: Living the Dream Brewery, 9150 Commerce Center Cir #300, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

During the event, $1 from every beer sold between 2:00 and 4:00 PM will be donated to Special Olympics Colorado. But that's not all! We're also organizing a raffle with some incredible prizes cumulatively valued at over $500. All proceeds from the raffle tickets will directly support the Special Olympics.

RSVP on our Facebook Event page!

Raffle 1

As if great beer and exciting prizes weren't enough, you can root for your favorite Elite Eight teams during March Madness. It's the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon – supporting a great cause while enjoying good company and delicious brews.

Here's something even more exciting: If Bio-One of Colorado reaches our fundraising goal of $2,000, our team will take on the Special Olympics Polar Plunge at the Aurora Reservoir on April 6, dressed in our biohazard suits! It's a fun and bold way to show our commitment to this incredible organization.

For those who can't make it to the event but still wish to contribute, you can make a donation online at Every little bit helps, and we're grateful for your support.

We're looking forward to seeing many of you at Living the Dream Brewery on March 30. It's an opportunity for us to give back to our community and support an organization that does so much for individuals with disabilities. Let's raise our glasses and funds for Special Olympics Colorado!

We are thrilled to announce that Bio-One of Colorado is a Supporting Sponsor of the Special Olympics Colorado. Our commitment to supporting the community and helping first aligns perfectly with the mission of the Special Olympics, which provides year-round sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with disabilities.

Bio One Special Olympics and Lone Tree PD
Representatives from Special Olympics, Lone Tree Police Department, and Krista Gregg from Bio-One of Colorado

Did you know that it costs $256 to support one athlete for an entire year of programming?

Special Olympics Colorado is an incredible organization that not only offers sports opportunities but also provides health screenings and leadership opportunities to its athletes. It costs $256 to support one athlete for an entire year of programming and every contribution helps ensure that these athletes can continue to thrive and excel.

Bio-One of Colorado would like to raise enough money to support 10 athletes and donations of all sizes make an impact!

In a show of solidarity and support, if we reach our fundraising goal of $2,000, Bio-One team members will take the plunge in the Aurora Reservoir on April 6, 2024 in our biohazard suits! This unique twist is our way of adding some fun to the challenge and highlighting the importance of the cause.

Screenshot 2024 03 15 at 2.50.59 PM

Click here to donate now and support these athletes!

Krista Matt Bio One CO Suits
Bio-One of Colorado owners, Krista Gregg and Matt Gregg, in biohazard suites.

Thank you for your support, and let's make a splash for a great cause!

Bio-One of Colorado is a biohazard cleaning company dedicated to helping those in need. Our services include crime scene cleanup, hoarding remediation, and more. We believe in giving back to our community and are proud to support organizations like the Special Olympics Colorado.

Hoarding is a topic that often goes undiscussed, yet it's an issue that affects many. NFL star Jason Kelce's humorous confession about his locker room habits on the New Heights Podcast sheds light on this often-misunderstood behavior. It's a great starting point for exploring the spectrum of hoarding and how it intersects with current organization trends.

Note: The New Heights podcast features explicit content.

Clutter and collecting exists on a spectrum. It ranges from mild clutter, where the living space is disorganized but still functional, to severe, where the clutter significantly impacts daily functioning and safety. Kelce's light-hearted admission highlights how common it is to hold onto items longer than necessary, a behavior that many can relate to.

Golden, Colorado Hoarding Bio-One of Colorado job. Kitchen trash.
Golden, Colorado hoarding job

This spectrum is essential to consider in the context of rising organization trends. As seen in the Bio-One hoarding guide, organization isn't just about minimalism or aesthetics; it's about functionality and mental health. Clutter can cause stress and anxiety, and decluttering can be therapeutic. Our hoarding guide includes the following topics:

  1. The Five Levels of Hoarding
  2. Why Do We Struggle With Clutter?
  3. Why A Clean Home Matters
  4. Organization Trends
  5. Your Spring Cleaning Guide
  6. But What If I Have Kids?
  7. When to Call in Backup

When it comes to organizing and spring cleaning, you can take notes from a variety of influencers. Two of our favorite are Margareta Magnusson, author of The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, and the Home Edit, who's main philosophy is combining form, function, and fun for a home that stays neat and organized while keeping personality as a strong feature. They also released a helpful and entertaining Netflix series called Get Organized with the Home Edit in 2020. Definitely worth watching!

Hoarding is a complex issue that exists on a wide spectrum. From Jason Kelce's humorous take to the serious implications of severe hoarding, it's clear that organization and decluttering are about more than just cleanliness. They're about creating a healthy, stress-free environment where we can thrive. As we embrace the latest trends in organization, from mindful purchasing to digital decluttering, we can all take steps towards a more organized, functional, and serene life.

For more insights on hoarding and organization strategies, read Bio-One's comprehensive hoarding guide here.

First Responder Relay Presented by Bio-One, Inc.

We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of the First Responder Relay in Las Vegas on October 16th. The First Responders Relay is a 9 person 48-mile running relay with stages ranging from 4.0 miles to 7.7 miles. The relay is competition comprised of first responder personnel from throughout the United States and the World, and is hosted by the California Police Athletic Federation (CPAF).

There is still time to register, but don't delay! Registration closes September 18.  Visit to join us in Las Vegas!


The California Police Athletic Federation (CPAF) is proud to announce that the 2021 United States Police & Fire Championships (USPFC) are now Presented by Bio-One, Inc. 


Operating under the motto, "Help First, Business Second," Bio-One provides high-level decontamination and biohazard cleanup services while offering clients the privacy and compassion needed at difficult times. Bio-One operates in 41 states with over 110 locations and is committed to providing first-class service. 


"We are thrilled to add Bio-One as the Presenting Sponsor for the 2021 USPFC because   First Responders warrant our support," said California Police Athletic Federation President LC Collins. "Bio-One’s reputation is second to none, and with their partnership, we can offer first responders a health and wellness outlet.  We look forward to working with them for years to come."


Founded by San Diego Police Lieutenant Veon "Duke" Nyhus, The United States Police & Fire Championships were first held in San Diego in 1967. Duke recognized the need to promote physical fitness and camaraderie among the Public Safety and First Responder community members. 


The USPFC caters to active and retired public safety and first responders who participate in Olympic-style competitions and open to individuals representing firefighters, law enforcement, and officers from corrections, probation, border protection, immigration, and customs across the country. Traditionally athletes compete in 45+ sporting events from biathlon to motocross across 35+ venues in Southern California.


"At Bio-One our support for Law Enforcement and Fire Service Officers is unwavering, and we're thrilled to partner with the California Police Athletic Federation during this memorable event," said Nick-Anthony Zamucen, founder of Bio-One. "We wish each athlete success and look forward to celebrating these everyday heroes."


The 2021 USPFC Presented by Bio-One will take place from June 10th to the 19th in venues across San Diego, California, and strengthen the relationship between First Responders and the community for many years to come!


About the United States Police and Fire Championships

The California Police Athletic Federation (CPAF) is the parent organization of two multi-sport programs designed for peace officers and firefighters. The World Police & Fire Games (WPFG) are open to active and retired law enforcement and fire service personnel throughout the world. The United States Police & Fire Championships (USPFC) are open to active or retired public safety and first responder personnel from an eligible agency within the USA. For more information, please visit 


Disclosing death when selling a home

If buying or selling a home in Colorado is in your future, you're likely well versed the entire process from the initial offer to closing. But are you aware that disclosing a death in the home may be required? Here's what you need to know. 

Property Disclosure Documents

No matter how perfect a house looks on the outside, there is often property information a buyer needs to disclose before the sale can go through. Property disclosure documents reveal known structural issues, neighborhood nuisances, hazards, HOA details, water damage, notable repairs made to the home and death in the home. 

Rules for reporting a death in the home vary by state, and variations in rules may include:

  • Timeframe: When the death occurred. 
  • How the person passed away: If the death occurred naturally versus due to negligence on the property.
  • Hauntings: If the seller has knowledge that the property is being haunted by the dead. 

So what are the rules in Colorado? Here are the details:

On, Duane Duggan, a Realtor for RE/MAX of Boulder in Colorado, explains:

Bottom line, according to the legislation, such information [murder or suicide occurring on the property] does not have to be disclosed. But can it be disclosed? Yes, it can. This is a discussion that needs to happen between the seller, real estate broker and a real estate attorney.

If you're buying a home in Colorado and would like to research this information on your own, promises to pull these records for you. 

For a state by state guide on disclosure laws we recommend visiting this resource on

Remediating After a Death in a Home

If a death recently occurred in the home you're hoping to purchase, there may have been biohazards from bloodborne pathogens that required remediation. Consider asking the seller how the death was remediated to ensure proper steps were taken. Remediation processes may vary depending on the location of the death, how the death occurred, types of flooring, and if the death was undiscovered for days or weeks. 

Bio-One technicians are trained and equipped to properly disinfect biohazards from bloodborne pathogens, and we ensure safe biohazard material handling and disposal. Once the entire area is cleaned of blood and body fluids, we also help property owners restore the location to its pre-incident state. 

If you are selling a home in Colorado and need a biohazard remediated or want to ensure remediation was done correctly, give our Bio-One team a call: 720-365-2393. Our experts not only contain and disinfect the dangerous biological materials, we carry out our work in a caring and private manner. 


At Bio-One of Colorado, we are often asked what chemicals cleanup blood, feces and other biohazards, and our team always uses our four proprietary chemicals, one of which is a tuberculocide. But one household cleaner continues to pop up in conversation as we’re often asked, “Can I use bleach to clean it up?”

Bleach, commonly known as Clorox, can be found in households across the U.S. And before we dive in too deep, we want to assure you that we also use bleach in our home! But not when we’re on the job cleaning and disinfecting biohazards. Here are three reasons why.

Bleach Loses Potency

  • After only a few months of sitting on the shelf at your local grocery store or in your home (or both) the potency of bleach declines and continues to decline over time. As potency decreases, bleach takes longer to kill bacteria and viruses, meaning you might have to let bleach sit on a contaminated surface for a few minutes or longer to disinfect.
  • The only way to determine potency levels is to test the chemical every few months. Our home doesn’t have the tools for this test, and - like most households - we “guestimate” an appropriate time needed for disinfection. But when it comes to biohazards, especially some of the nastier bacteria or viruses, a guess or estimate doesn’t cut it.
  • This is why Bio-One uses a proprietary tuberculocide. This chemical has a long shelf-life, and works quickly and reliably to kill many pathogens, including MRSA, C-diff, and HIV, that may be in blood, vomit, fecal matter, urine, gross filth, or other bodily fluids.

Bleach is an Irritant

  • Large spaces – whether public or private – such as stairwells, spacious rooms, apartments, stores and offices, need to be ready for use as soon as our work is complete. Furthermore, after a traumatic event or during an overwhelming situation, it’s critical that we use chemicals that don’t result in another problem such as eye, throat or skin irritations. This may be difficult to accomplish with bleach.
  • Easily identified by the smell, bleach mist or vapors can be extremely irritating. The Clorox Company’s Safety Data Sheet on bleach states, “While not expected, heart conditions or chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, or obstructive lung disease may be aggravated by exposure to high concentrations of vapor or mist.”
  • In an effort to reduce harm, chemicals used by Bio-One pack a punch for blood pathogens without compromising heath from lasting irritating vapors and mist.

Bleach is for Non-Porous Surfaces Only

  • That’s right! While powerful on ceramic tile, vinyl and linoleum, bleach is not suitable for porous surfaces such as marble and hardwood floors. Biohazard scenes are unpredictable, and Bio-One’s tuberculocide is key as it disinfects porous and non-porous surfaces.

All this being said, we genuinely hope you never encounter a biohazard situation. But if you do, don’t reach for the bleach. Contact Bio-One so we can safely and quickly help.


If you were to line five disinfecting products next to each other, could you list their dwell times for proper disinfection?

As you continue disinfecting at home, you likely have a process in place for hard surfaces and “hot spots” such as door knobs, countertops, and electronics. But before you spray or wipe, it’s important to read the label for recommended dwell times.

Here’s what you need to know.


Explaining Dwell Time

  • Typically listed in minutes, dwell times are how long the chemical needs to sit wet on a hard surface to properly disinfect. This varies between sprays, wipes, and aerosols.

Choosing a Product

  • When purchasing a product, check if the EPA registration number is included on the Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 list. According to the EPA website, “When purchasing a product, check if its EPA registration number is included on this list. If it is, you have a match and the product can be used against SARS-CoV-2. You can find this number on the product label – just look for the EPA Reg. No. These products may be marketed and sold under different brand names, but if they have the same EPA registration number, they are the same product.”
  • If you choose to have your house or business cleaned by a local service, such as Bio-One of Colorado, make sure to ask if they are using chemicals on the EPA list.

Difference Between Sanitization vs Disinfection

  • Disinfecting lessens and even kills germs on surfaces to make them safe for contact. Disinfecting requires a stronger solution to go beyond reducing the germs and bacteria, with the goal of destroying them.
  • Each level of cleaning requires different hard surface dwell times.

For example, directions on an aerosol can of Lysol are as follows:

  • To Sanitize: Surfaces must remain wet for 10 seconds and then allow to air dry.
  • To Disinfect: Surfaces must remain wet for 3 minutes then allow to air dry. For Norovirus, surfaces must remain wet for 10 minutes then allow to air dry.

While protecting you and your loved ones against COVID-19, keep disinfecting simple. Read the label, remember the disinfecting dwell time and ensure you’ve sprayed or wiped enough chemical on the hard surface to reach the minimum requirements.

Contact Bio-One for a free COVID-19 disinfection estimate. Bio-One of Colorado serves Denver and Northern Colorado.


We know mold removal can be an overwhelming task. Where should you begin? And how can you get it done right at a reasonable price?

The truth - mold removal isn’t as complicated as it’s often made out to be.  And the right mold professional, Bio-One, can guide you through the process while charging a reasonable price. 

Do I need to test for mold?

  • If you can already see it, it is present and there isn’t the need for a test, unless, for your own reasons, you are looking for specifics on the type of mold or mold level.
  • The bottom line: you just need to remove it. No visible mold growth belongs in a healthy home and all mold should be removed the same way.
  • If a so-called mold professional insists that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on pre-testing when mold is already visible, our advice is to be very wary. As a side note, before hiring any contractor to do work, we encourage you to do your research, check certifications and read reviews.

How expensive can I expect removal to be?

  • Prices of mold removal depend on the size of the job. But, some mold professionals out there exaggerate the amount of work that needs to be done, driving up the price. If you think a quoted price seems high, we recommend getting multiple quotes to compare. However, if you get a quote that’s shockingly low, that’s also a big red flag. 
  • Mold professionals are licensed and skilled tradesmen, just like a plumber or electrician, so you can expect to pay more for a mold company than a regular handyman.
  • No need to take a wrecking ball to the entire house at the sight of a little mold. You can keep the price down by focusing just on the area where there is visible mold.  For example, mold on drywall in one corner of the room only needs cut out and replaced in that corner.  Yes, the rest of the room (and maybe adjoining rooms) should be cleaned, but only damaged drywall needs to be cut out and replaced.

What should I expect from a true mold removal professional?

  • Any mold professional should be able to explain your mold removal project in plain English. If a contractor is unable to explain the basic processes and steps of mold remediation and mold removal in layman’s terms, be very wary! 

Once in the home, here’s what to expect from a professional worth their salt:

  • Proper safety gear should be worn when dealing with mold. A high quality, high filtration face mask is a must, as are vinyl or neoprene gloves.
  • Mold professionals use expensive, professional equipment such as HEPA air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, commercial-strength dehumidifiers, etc. Regular handymen won’t have that stuff.
  • After mold is physically removed from its source, the air should be cleaned of airborne mold spores using HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) air scrubbers and air exchange (i.e. replacing dirty moldy air with clean fresh air through simple ventilation or more sophisticated negative air controls for bigger jobs)
  • When vacuuming and using air scrubbers for mold remediation, the filters used should be HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air). Only HEPA filters are designed to capture particles as small as mold spores. Regular filters will not work and could make the problem worse.
  • Mold professionals usually discard moldy porous building materials such as drywall, insulation and baseboards. These materials are relatively inexpensive to replace and difficult to impossible to restore to their previous uncontaminated condition.
  • Mold professionals will use an antimicrobial chemical to clean any remaining mold and mold stains after demo.
  • Mold professionals often use a sealer or encapsulant to make the treated areas more resistant to water damage and mold, and to help with odor control.

To sum it all up, hiring a mold professional, like Bio-One doesn’t have to be as confusing as you may think. The good ones won’t push unnecessary testing, will charge reasonable prices, are able to clearly explain what work they will be doing, use professional practices & equipment, and have lots of experience.

Contact Bio-One for a free inspection and estimate for mold remediation and/or crawl space encapsulation. Bio-One of Colorado serves Denver and Northern Colorado.