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Behind the Scenes with Bio-One – Navigating the Complex World of Biohazard Cleanup

Living In Denver Podcast Bio One of Colorado
Living In Denver Podcast and Bio One of Colorado

Biohazard cleanup is little known but crucial for restoring safety after traumatic incidents. A recent Living in Denver podcast with Alex Saldana featured Krista and Matt Gregg from Bio-One. They provided an insider's look at the demanding world of biohazard remediation.

Bio-One: More Than Just a Cleaning Service

"We help with some really sensitive situations, unattended deaths, if someone dies by suicide. We help with homeless encampments and we do smaller things like mold remediation. We can help with rodent dropping cleanup, or dog urine and feces, all the fun stuff you probably don't talk about at the dinner table."

Bio-One isn’t your typical cleaning service. They help remediate suicides, hoarding, and meth lab cleanups. During the conversation, Krista and Matt emphasize their commitment not only to the physical cleaning but to handling each situation with the sensitivity and respect it deserves.

Helping with Homeowners Insurance

"So we typically really talk about that in the initial call. Any type of biohazard remediation. If somebody has died by suicide, if it's an unattended death where there are health hazards involved, I tell people I don't know what your policy states but in the vast majority of cases we've found that homeowners insurance will cover this."

Navigating insurance claims is a key part of their service. Krista and Matt discuss the importance of initiating the insurance process on behalf of their clients, easing one burden during a time of stress. They also ensure properties are safe to occupy, prioritizing remediation assistance over financial concerns.

The Emotional Weight of Biohazard Cleanup

"We're not like robots where we're coming in and we're not like absorbing. I mean, every single day we're absorbing the trauma, the emotions, or the situation, so one of the challenging things after you do this over and over again is also finding ways where we can take care of ourselves."

The podcast highlighted the emotional toll on the Bio-One team. Remediating biohazardous situations means absorbing the associated trauma. Krista and Matt explain how their team practices self-care and have established protocols to ensure their team’s mental health is protected. This aspect sheds light on the human side of a business that is, all too often, hidden from public view.

Homeless Encampments and Community Safety

"But, you know, it's trying to strike that balance of we need to get something done very efficiently and very quickly, but people are people. They are human beings. You can't just bulldoze somebody's life away."

A hot topic in many cities across the country, Krista and Matt touch on the sensitive issue of homeless encampments. They work closely with municipalities to address these challenges compassionately and effectively, always striving to balance public safety with respect for the individuals affected. Bio-One's approach involves recovering pieces of property and handing them over to the city to store them for a time, allowing individuals to reclaim them. They have a strong commitment to humane treatment alongside community safety.

The conversation reveals the depth and complexity of running a biohazard cleanup business. It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about caring—for the clients, their homes, and the emotional well-being of everyone involved. Bio-One’s dedication to compassion, coupled with their meticulous attention to the technical and insurance aspects of their work, makes them a unique and vital service in times of crisis.